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Halloween Ends (2022) Review

Contributed by Irene Alegria, LFS Intern

Includes spoilers for Halloween Kills (2021).

After 44 years, the chase of Laurie Store by Michael Myers has come to an end. Following Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills (2021), Halloween Ends is the final part of this recent trilogy by director David Gordon Green.

This film, available for streaming on Peacock and in theaters, starts with the introduction of Corey Cunningham, played by Rohan Campbell, a young man babysitting on Halloween night. Laurie Strode, Allyson Nelson, and Officer Hawking (played by Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, and Will Patton respectively) all reprise their roles.

Jamie Lee Curtis portrays a mourning Laurie Strode. Following the death of her daughter, Karen Nelson, played by Judy Greer, Laurie and her granddaughter Allyson are trying to navigate a world after Michael Myers.

Taking place 4 years after the previous film, Halloween Kills puts an emphasis on the state of terror felt across Haddonfield, Illinois. The evil felt when the city stood up to Michael Myers lingers even years after his disappearance. So much so that it has its own montage at the beginning of the film that is narrated by Laurie.

A major plot point in Halloween Kills (2021) was the impact Michael had on those living in Haddonfield. The spread of evil was seen in the mob mentality citizens of Haddonfield took part in when attempting to locate and bring down the boogeyman once and for all.

The plot of Halloween Ends attempts to make viewers feel for Allyson following the death of both her parents by giving her a lot of screen time that for the most part, is lackluster. Her character arc is largely dependent on a new character, Corey, who has a majority of the screen time throughout the film.

Halloween Ends utilizes the decades of storytelling before it to conclude a story of grief and fear. The disappearance of Michael Myers and the lingering evil has caused the people of Haddonfield to turn on Laurie and blame her for all that has transpired over the past 4 years. Jamie Lee Curtis strongly portrays a woman who is mourning while others look at her as the reason the city is how it is, full of fear and looking for someone to blame for it.

The cinematography in the film adds aspects of the original. From camera POV shots, classic Halloween theme song, and mirroring of scenes from previous films, Halloween Ends feels both nostalgic and fresh. The storytelling and utilization of new characters to explore and expand the story of Michael Myers is a pleasant addition.

The theme of evil and its spreading like a disease is seen at the forefront of this film. Unlike previous Halloween films, this one is emotionally driven. With its fair share of unique kills and gore, Halloween Ends is the most different of the decade-long franchise.

Halloween Ends is available to watch on Peacock and in theaters. It is definitely worth a watch if you are looking to find an ending in this 40+ year story. Whether or not this is truly the end of Michael Myers, only time will tell.

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