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We believe in the power of film to provoke meaningful discussions and build relationships.


Members can sign up to host film club and share their favorite films with our community. Our mission is to bring people together to appreciate and discuss a range of thought-provoking films. Sign up now! There is usually a three-month waiting period for film club hosts.


We invite you to join us in our mission and be part of the vibrant and diverse LFS community.

Film Reels
  • 1st + 3rd Fridays
    Fri, Jul 07
    When a language dies, a unique vision of the world is lost forever. (2017) Hosted by Laura G. Barea
  • 1st + 3rd Fridays
    Fri, Jun 16
    A high schooler is sent to a conversion camp in this satirical romantic comedy. (1999) Hosted by Victoria Sandoval
  • 1st + 3rd Fridays
    Fri, Jun 09
    A psychopathic yuppie leads a second life as a gruesome serial killer. (2000) Hosted by Arthur Soto-Vásquez
  • 1st + 3rd Fridays
    Fri, Jun 02
    Two drag performers and a transgender woman travel to perform their unique cabaret style. (1994) Hosted by Brandon Dominguez
  • 1st + 3rd Fridays
    Fri, May 19
    The rise and fall of ambitious dreamers at a turning point in 1920s Hollywood. (2022) Hosted by Ryan Duncan
  • 1st + 3rd Fridays
    Fri, May 05
    Hosted by Raul Seca

Dominique Flores

Film Club Friday is a fantastic way to kick-start my weekend. I love exposing myself to films that LFS members enjoy, and the best part is that the audience can share their perspective on the film as soon as it ends.

Jessica Rodriguez

I loved coming to Film Club Fridays. I loved how this was a movie party with different people and that they have hosts and film discussions before and after each movie.
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