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Laredo Film Society is a non-profit organization founded in February 2018 with the mission to empower the community and educate the public through the exhibition of film and media arts.



LFS exhibits experimental, alternative, independent, and local media that might not be commercially accessible to local audiences.


LFS hosts screenings to foster dialogue on ideas and issues relevant to the border community.

LFS hosts workshops to prepare aspiring film and media creatives with all facets of production.

LFS HQ serves as a community film school through a collaborative learning process for all involved.


LFS produces media that tells the story of Laredo and the Border

LFS works with local non-profits to create media content amplifying their work.

LFS produces short films, commercials, and video content highlighting local culture.


We see the United States-Mexico border as a place of value that is worthy of investment. Laredo is a bridge between the United States and Latin America, where creatives can tell stories that illustrate the experience of living on the Border in relation to a wider global landscape.

We further recognize the power of narrative to shape our individual and collective experience, channeling our relationship to place and to each other through visual reflection.

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